Full Body Alchemy: The Element of Water

What happens when we focus upon - not merely keeping ourselves hydrated - but fulfilled, as well? When we talk about the element of Water, we address 3 major factors: hydration, circulation, and sensation. Whether we are talking about having enough water in our day, the elasticity of our fascia, or the connectivity we have to our emotions - what links these three components is the natural flow and fluidity of motion.

Water, from the occultist’s standpoint, represents the emotions we feel in our lives. As such, it can stagnate or flow dependent upon how connected we are to what we are experiencing. So how does this tie to our physical experience? It is actually quite simple: the more water we have in our body, the more circulation we are able to restore. The more restorative our physical bodies are, the less likely our emotions are to stagnate.

To best work with this element is make time to stretch, do fasica work (rolling), get lots of water, and reflect upon your experiences of your day. Worry not! We’ll be doing more in depth with the how to’s for this element each week.