Full Body Alchemy: The Element of Fire


What happens when we spark the Element of Fire into our lives? From digestion, to high intensity interval training, the element of Fire can support in igniting results in your body goals. In this article we’ll cover elements of the Element and how best to integrate it into your life now.  

The components of the Element of Fire are:

- visualization & breathwork 

- digestion  & thermogenics 

- speed & agility training   

- HIIT: high intensity interval training  

Our metabolic system regulates how we utilize energy. Known as our Basal Metabolic Rate, our BMS offers us the greatest capacity to realize our greatest potential. By working with these different systems, we can ‘hack’ the intelligence of our physical body and kinesthetic awareness, thereby doing more by doing less. 

Think of it like cooking steak in a cast iron pan. When we heat the metal of the pan, the metal transfers the heat into the steak. Even when we remove the cast iron pan from the stove, the heat continues to transfer from the pan to the meat steadily (albeit more slowly) cooking the steak. When we work with the Element of Fire, we turn our body’s afterburners on. We tap into a continual source of energy, steadily improving our metabolic system. 

A little fire goes a long way! As we continue to explore this Element, we’ll work to integrate this, piecemeal, into our program.