Full Body Alchemy: Aether


Aether. Known by many names over the ages - akasha, the quintessence , the Splendid Light - represents energy and pure potentiality. More contemporarily addresses as a wave function in quantum physics, what place does this 5th element have in the Quantum Body system?

Anyone who has ever gone snowboarding (skiing, surfing, skateboarding, etc.) knows that your body will follow wherever your head directs it towards. So, if you’re looking down at your feet, guess where you’re going to end up? That’s right. Straight on the ground! Indeed, our intention determines the flow of our attention. Suffice to say, we must attend to our personal desires and intentionality before we begin this journey of kinesthetic prowess.

What is your intention with participating in this program? What does that ideal version of you look and feel like? Moreover, why is this important to you?


As we begin to answer these questions, we start to potentiate (collapse) a new reality. What I mean is that we wake up every morning in our body. For us to see within ourselves more than we are requires us to visualize what this looks and feels like. For some, this could mean being able to hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro. For others, it is the capacity to pick up a child. For others, it may be living long enough to see that child graduate from high school.

Tied to our nervous system, we can actually train our body to reprogram itself through visualization. Here’s a simple exercise to get started! 

QUEST: VisionCrafting

Imagine that you’ve already achieved your fitness goals and personal aspirations. List 25 things that you are now able to do, having transformed your body.