Full Body Alchemy: Perception

Finish this phrase “What you see...”. How’d you do? Did you finish this phrase with “is what you get”? That’s one way go, and often is the case. Yet, how do we attend to our personal vitality when what we aspire to be, and where we currently are, differ greatly?

The thing is that “What we see depends upon where we stand”. See what happened there? Wholly shift! For example, we could all be standing outside the same building viewing it differently because of our perspective. This means that our mind (how we see ourselves) can influence the experience of our body (our physical capacity). Mind over matter.

Yet our bodies are more than the culmination of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Indeed, we are the Universe experiencing itself.  For as Carl Sagan famously once said, we are all made of star stuff. While the ancients have always known this wisdom, our sciences are only now catching up. Through Quantum Physics, we now know that our mind has a real affect upon matter. Put differently, we shape our reality. Welcome to the Quantum Body.

In this article, we will investigate the 4 Body System - Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual - and how our quantum reality affects our physical body. First off, let’s discuss the 4 body system and our levels of awareness:

Kinestetic - think of this as the awareness of your physical body. This level of consciousness regulates such things as our nervous, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems. 

Empathic - buried deep within our subconscious mind is our emotional inventory of life experiences. Called the lymbic system in our brain, think of this as our personal value system.

Psychic - our mental body is rooted in our patterns of belief and thoughts. This is how we see ourselves and affects our perception of reality.

Energetic - spiritually we are infinite. This morphogenetic field carries our ‘coding’ for our personalized consciousness.

Sigmund Freud - in his work as psychoanalysis - used an iceberg to represent our levels of awareness. Consider the topmost portion of the iceberg (that whooping 5%) as our conscious mind aka our mental/psychic body. The considerably larger aspect beneath the water, is our subconscious mind aka our physical/emotional bodies. Even more vast is the water itself, which can be considered as the Super Conscious Mind and is related to our energetic/spiritual Self.

Much like Freud implies, our perception (mental/psychic body) is affected by the larger portion of the iceberg. Which means to say, we can consciously desire something and yet struggle to achieve it. In fact, only a mere 4% of the population who sets a New Year’s Resolution will actually count themselves successful in actualizing their goals.

This page, the QUANTUM Body, looks to capitalize upon what that 4% is doing differently. So that we can truly achieve alignment and coherence within our lives and bodies. Ready to get started? Stay tuned every Monday for updates, exercises, and resources to support you in your life now.