Why Resolutions Suck


Every year it’s the same thing. On January 1, 20-whenever, you could walk into any gym - anywhere - and see countless people ready to take on their New Year’s Resolution. As a personal trainer, my job was to get people to their fitness goals. Whether we were focusing upon weight ‘loss’, strengthening, or functionality, the system of success was the same.

We’d start by identifying what their goals were and why they were important. Then, we’d come up with an action plan and of course, take action on their plans. With a strong support structure in place, more often than not, my clients realized their ambitions. They were the minority - an astounding 4% who actually felt they succeeded in fulfilling their ambitions.


Like it or not, the numbers are not in our favor. Indeed, we are much more likely to fail than we are to succeed. If you set a goal or a resolution this new year you have a 96% chance of failure. Wow! With these odds, why even focus on bettering our situation in the first place? Because for that whopping 4% who are successful - the secret to manifesting their dreams is theirs for life.

Ok - enough crapping on your parade. Ready to shift our energies? Great. In this article we will discuss how our language determines our mindset, how timing can greatly increase flow, and how every one of your ‘failures’ actually leads directly to your success.


Everything in nature adheres to a cycle. Indeed our relationship to the world around us allows us to connect to the world within. During the summertime we are BBQing, playing at the beach, and generally socializing more. In the winter we go inward, spending more time with family, at home, and reflecting upon the year. Nature echoes this sentiment with colder temperatures, snow, and rain. If this is true, why is it that we attempt to breath new life into behaviors, perspectives, and our actions at a time when nature itself is still in decay?

In cultures who adhere to a lunar calendar, the new year doesn’t actually begin until the end of February. If we look at it from the astrological perspective, the new energetic year isn’t until the Spring Equinox. So, if you are really invested in fulfilling your personal desires, wouldn’t it be better to align your ambitions with the natural rhythm in Nature? Funnily enough, I would observe this phenomenon in the gym as a personal trainer. Those who began there resolutions on January 1 would inevitably leave the gym by mid February. Conversely, those who ultimately succeeded in their aspirations, usually kicked into high gear around March.

Does this mean that you need to wait until March to start? Absolutely not. What it does mean is that now is the time to prepare yourself, clarify your intentions, and focus upon setting yourself up for success, with targeted actions, sparking around the Spring Equinox.

Let’s focus on the preparation aspect by talking about mindset…

How we speak affects how we think. Indeed the words we use casts spells upon us (words…SPELLing...get it?). Subtle, yet profound, we actually shape our reality by our everyday language. For example, if I were to say ‘typical’ every time something negative happens, then I am reinforcing that bad things are typical for me - that I am a victim of circumstances. By shifting my choice of words (then thoughts and beliefs), I can actually empower myself through language.


On that note, let’s do some verbal clearing. Let’s take out some criticial words of the season:

  • Resolution

  • Goal


Did you notice anything about these 2 words? Everyone is using them! The origin of these words - and how they are used - are different than most believe. Indeed, these words speak to motivation rather than inspiration.

What’s the difference? Motivation are the external factors that generate movement in our lives. Inspiration, being internal. As such, that which comes from within has more power (empowerment) to it.

A real world example is basketball. Players who are coached by positive coaches create better players (higher averages of free throws made) long-term, Why?

When we are motivated, we are stressed. We aim to perform based upon another’s expectations of us. Frankly, that sucks. Inspiration, on the other hand, comes from a place personal desire and fulfillment. This means, we are responsible only to ourselves. That our successes, accomplishments, and achievements are all our own.

Concerning language, instead of goals or resolutions, focus upon your aspirations. Begin with power words of emotion like “I aspire to be connected, fulfilled, and happy”. These are desired results rather than specific tasks. When we focus upon this, our mind brings to matter our personal desire. We can focus upon the feelings of achievement, rather than the process of how to get it.

Once we have clarified our aspirations, we are ready to take action. Back to the gym analogy…Many who come to the gym end up wrecking their body on that first day. Too sore to move, they tend to struggle to get back to the gym, even after the commitment you have made. When we look at creating lasting, long-term change, the trick is in being that 4%. In this context, we want to focus upon 4% of change per week.

Statistically, we are more able to create long-term change, and it is at a sustainable rate. For this gun-ho gym-goer, instead of doing a full body workout and cardio in a single day, perhaps it is a matter of starting off with stretching and light walking. The next week may be walking a little further or faster, etc. When we manage our expectations we also manage our mana (vital life energy) and are better able to continue these ambitions long-term.

So, to wrap up, here’s the recipe for success:

  1. Consider what it is that you wish to do and build into action in March

  2. Create inspirational language around your aspirations, with the desired end result as your focus

  3. Extend your timeline, and focus upon small (yet profound) improvements, every week

By following this formula, you too can be amongst the elite, 4%er’s in successfully realizing your dreams now. Join us, week by week, as we unravel the recipe and algorithm of success! Please click HERE to join now.