theurbanmage: Rituals

What rituals do you live your life by?


Simple enough question, though most would answer incorrectly. Often, we confuse our daily routines for rituals. What’s the difference you ask? Consider your morning cup of coffee, how you brush your teeth, the way the drive to work. All of these actions require little thought and are consistent with a certain pattern of being you.

Rituals on the other hand interrupt our normal daily flow. It allows us to shift from our ordinary, to a non-ordinary state of mind by focusing our attention upon our Self. You remember your Self, don’t you? You know, that silence between the chattering a voice in your head, the depth of inner connectivity, that sensation of timeless and bliss? If not, then rituals will help and support you, and connecting to yourself.

This article dives further into ritual and its positive affect upon daily (and yearly) life: