theurbanmage: Evolution

My disclaimer - I am a Patchwork Wizard. As such, I study the Mystic Arts, the Occult Sciences, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, etc so take the following however best fits.


We have just entered a new 9 year cycle, one of actualization (think Maslow's pyramid) and realization of our Legacy Work. To achieve this, the past 2 years has been destructive - bringing down what we call in Tarot, the Tower. Much like the Tower of Babylon, this is a distortion of our Self aka the ego. This version is largely dependent upon external sources - careers, partners, etc. Sort of like the house of a hoarder who has collected so many things that it is nearly impossible to find what we are truly looking for.


And what we seek is the treasure hidden within the cave of wonders, as Joseph Campbell identifies our Bliss. To find this, we must clean house and clear our field (of consciousness) of all that not longer serves us. This shift, from motivation (seeking external validation) moves into inspiration (that born from within) to change our very reality at its most fundamental aspect.

Right now, we are ending our transition into self-transformation, or what's known in Hermeticism, as our godhood. Basically, the version of our self that moves beyond our fight/flight response (brainstem), emotional reactivity (limbic system), and into our higher faculties. This requires, firstly, going through that cave (think Star Wars, Yoda and Luke Many will get caught in the nets of their fears, others will move beyond and into life as it can be.