theurbanmage: BEingness

Your Mind holds power over your matter. Whether in a state of growth or decay, we are faced with living in the state that we are BEing. What this means our 'reality' is being shaped by our consciousness. We are what we see ourselves to BE. 

This concept of BEing is imperative to truly move forward in our lives. The reason being, that we have shifted from a linear progression through space and time, to a non-linear reality. What the hell does this even mean?! Think of it this way. Remember when you first began exercising after having NOT for a period of time. That first day back to the gym feels great. Our connection to our bodies - the sweat - the knowing that we've accomplished something productive in our lives. Then...comes 2 days after. The shaking legs…the stiffness…Oh! The pain, the pain, the PAIN!

That next week, we begin to get better at the workout. In fact, it gets easier! This steady progression, week after week, is linear. Non-linear is like this - you go to that first workout and instantly you're stronger merely because you WILL it to be. Therefore, instead of going through the same exercises, steadily developing strength, proficiency, etc - you are now able to do harder more strenuous movements because it is what you have decided to do. There is no need for progress.  We are not subject to a progression when we merely decide what and who it is we want to BE.  

This is where we are now. We have shifted to a non-linear existence and, as such, will experience Spontaneous Moments Attributed to Reality Transmutation (SMART). You will begin (if not already) to notice that things seem to just be happening. We desire to learn how to play guitar and meet a guitar teacher. We feel as if we'd like to be more connected to our family and suddenly have more time to be with them. We shape reality. This is what we are steadily growing into.

To do so, though, requires us to be mindful of what is happening in our NOW. To better deal with this, I recommend reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. A terrific read that allows us to better place context for what the heck our mind actually is. This will support you in better acquainting yourself with this process of your BEcoming.