Moon Magic - August 15, 2019

Things are moving quickly. Aligning ourselves with our path of personal genius, we now find ourselves in uncharted territory. Much like our first year in high school, we stumble, make mistakes, adapt, and learn. Indeed, we begin the process of redefining who we truly are. We take our rightful place in time and in space, joining a broader more vast ecological system of life.

The thing about ecology is that it requires all components to work well. Plants, animals, water, soil - all these are merely parts of a larger, more dynamic system which depends upon each other to sustain itself. Therefore, like an ecological system, this spiritual ecology can only truly thrive when all components (or archetypal energies) are present. As we claim our ‘seat’ - or mantle - at the table, others will be inspired to take theirs as well. Think of the story of Camelot. King Arthur gathered a variety of knights to sit at the round table as equals. Each knight had a specific talent, background experience, etc which made them an invaluable part of this team. 

This full moon is the perfect opportunity to connect some dots, breakthrough some $%!* and reintegrate ourselves into the robust spiritual ecology that connects us all. Please view the PDF for the ritual below: