Quantum Wizardry: Full Moon Magic - July 2019



  •  Mastery of Self


I release all bonds that keep me from my TRUTH, unlocking my greatest potential in my life now. 


Every decision that we’ve made, thought that we’ve experienced, action that we’ve taken - EVERYTHING - has led to this moment. If now is the sum total of our experiences in space and time, does this mean that we must continue to perpetuate these cycles? Or, in this quantum reality, is more possible for each of us? 

This is the question that we are tasked with answering this Full Moon. Indeed the opportunity is to free ourselves from the patterns of our past and embrace the power of personal sovereignty in our Presence. Whether we identify it as karma or destiny, to truly ‘get over ourselves’ we need to get into our Self. What does that even mean? 

It means that this ritual is designed to release our attachments to the identity that we have created. You see, this persona (ego) is based upon our experiences up until now. We see ourselves in a certain way and work to reinforce this version of ourselves. Yet much like training for a marathon, if we want to truly succeed, we need to create changes in our everyday lives - we must create a practice. By creating actions that are consistent with who it is we wish to become, we are reinforcing a different version of our Self. In fact, we are consciously creating - in every word, thought, and action - who it is that we aspire to BE. 

Consider this version of yourself, releasing you as you’ve known yourself to clear space for you as you will your Self to be. 


Candle - 1 Frankincense oil - 1oz Black Obsidian stone - 6

Dirt (from nearby) - 1c Oil Diffuser - 1 Parchment/paper - 2

Pen/charcoal - 1 Wooden Bowl - 1 Bath salt mix - 1


  1. Set up an altar space for your magical workings. 

  2. Turn and leave on your diffuser with 2 drops Frankincense oil for 30 minutes prior to starting. 

  3. As the space is being cleared by the diffuser, use a mix of Himalayan & epsom salt (add whatever else you desire) to bath. 

  4. While bathing state: To release all contamination and any visiting entities. To clear any connection to other people and their emotions. To restore wholeness and integrity to my Soul through all time - Divine Light, please assist me. 

  5. When ready, dress in fresh clothes - gray, brown, or dark green. 

  6. Return to your altar space setting up your candle in the middle of the table, black obsidian stones in a circle around the candle. Place the dirt in the wooden bowl to the LEFT of and the parchment/paper and pen to the RIGHT of the candle and crystal set up. 

  7. Empty your mind by closing your eyes and focus upon your breath. 

  8. Open your eyes and light your candle. 

  9. Take the first piece of parchment paper and write your full name upon it. 

  10. Hold this piece of paper in both your hands, starting at your name. 

  11. When you feel ready focus upon and state the intention statement: I release all bonds that keep me from my TRUTH, unlocking my greatest potential in my life now.

  12. Light the paper on fire and place it in the bowl of dirt. 

  13. When the paper has completely burned, take the second piece of paper. 

  14. Upon this paper, write down a brief description of what you want in your life. Whether it be financial prosperity, love and companionship, etc - write down what you are ready to invite into your life now. 

  15. Upon completion, hold this piece of paper in both hands reading aloud: I, (NAME), now invite into my life…(read your list).

  16. Use your candle and light this paper on fire, placing it into the bowl of dirt as well. 

  17. Bring your hands together - in a prayer gesture - and close your eyes. State: I now close this ceremony and release this intention to the Universe to manifest on my behalf now.

  18. When ready, blow out your candle and bury the dirt and burnt papers into the ground around your home.