Quantum Wizardry: Full Moon in Sagittarius


Much has led to this moon. Challenges beyond imagination have worked to tear away the fallacy of ourself. Much like a birthday present, we remove the wrapping (ego), opening the box (Mind) to reveal our true Presence. Indeed, everything in your life has led to this moment - so now what? Will you decide that you no longer what this gift and ‘return’ it - leaving you with the same old same old? Or are you willing to risk all that transformation asks to take a step in a new direction?

This moon is the perfect time to reflect upon the wisdom within these questions and feel your way through to creating the reality of your dreams. Take this moon to consider these questions, as you bath in the vast waters of the following:


Draw a hot bath, preparing 2 - 4 candles sitting outside/around your tub. Using a mix of bath and Himalayan sea salts, rose petals, rosemary sprigs, and frankincense oil to fill your tub with. Once filled, set the intention to clear yourself and connect as you slowly wash and cleanse yourself as you bath.

Once finished, exit the bath - blowing out the candles - and move to a designated ritual area. Once there, light a single candle and use a relaxed gaze to stare at the singular flame. Allow yourself to focus solely upon the candle, enabling your Mind to clear itself of any other thoughts. Once you are ready, quietly ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. What it is that you want in your life now?

  2. How can you best realize this in your life now?

  3. Where shall you focus your attention and energy upon in your life now?

Once you have felt that you have received answers for these questions, express gratitude in your own way, blow out the candle, and write down your experience.