Quantum Wizardry: New Moon Magic - May 2019



Bruce Lee once famously said  “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” This New Moon we move into this state of application and doing. Whether we are talking about new careers, or cultivating our intuitive talents (see link below), it is time to expand our personal awareness, while deepening our relationship with our SELF.

On May 4, we embark upon the discipline in the practice of our SELF. Now having sparked newfound inspiration to be, do, and have more in our lives, we now work upon integrating these new qualities and characteristics.  Like anything in life, the more attention and energy we commit, the more we get back. Yet what exactly does this mean?

Consider the number of people who join the gym on January 1st, 20-whenever. Of the 100 people who start in January, only 20 will still be going by the end of February. Flash forward to December 31st of that year and you’ll see only 8 of the original 100 people still working out. So what’s the trick to this whopping 8%? Discipline. Unless we make time and allot energy to our own emergence, we will be the other 92% who call it quits. Our process must become our practice - truly a discipline - otherwise we’ll lose momentum.  




For this new moon, focus upon reading daily rituals to ground the practice of your process in. For example, if you are focusing your attention upon spirituality, create time and space to meditate. If you are focusing on physical vitality, create rituals built around fitness and well-being.  

Generally speaking, rituals are comprised of five major components:

Connection - Focusing attention upon the now

Nourishment - Nurturing our 4 Body System 

Movement - Circulating energies within Self

Performance - Concentrated effort of energy

Expression - Unstructured/creative play

Begin by creating daily/morning rituals and look at performing them every day.