LIMITLESS: Leveraging Universal Law

At the cross-section of our intellect and intuition is our Genius. Once activated, our WILL finds an outlet for expression, and the Universe ultimately provides us everything needed to take our true place in time and space. When we work within Universal Law, we are able to hasten this process along. 

Most people are familiar with the Law of Attraction - we bring to us that which we put out. If you are sad, sadness comes knocking on your door. On the opposite end of this spectrum, when we are happy, we tend to bring in our lives others who are happy as well. Yet did you know that the Law of Attraction is merely a sub-law of 7 governing, Universal principles? 

Known as the Hermetic Principles, we will venture into each individually to leverage Universal Law thereby manifesting our will. Generally speaking, there are 7 Principles: 

1. Mentality: To think is to create

2.Correspondence: As above, so below - As within, so without

3. Vibration: Everything is in motion

4. Polarity: We are capable of experiencing a spectrum 

5. Cause/Effect: Our reality is a matter of causation

6. Rhythm: Everything has an ebb & flow

7. Gender: There is a Masculine & Feminine to all things 

We will be covering this topic via YouTube broadcast, focusing each week upon each single principle one by one. Join me this coming Sunday (11/11) morning at 10am (HST) for our first broadcast investigating the mysteries of the Universe HERE

Additionally, a great resource to jump into on this topic is located HERE. Mahalo for your continued interest and support! See you this coming Sunday for some great information on some profoundly powerful principles of personal power (go ahead, say that one 5x fast). 

Walk in Awe, Wondering, and ALOHA,