Weekly RHYTHM: Completion

August 25th - 31st

Completion. As we begin our transition from summer into fall, we bring to closure many things in our lives. Vacations, jobs, relationships - this shift in the seasons signifies a change in our reality. Reoriented ourselves as we realign with Self - for some - this can be truly disruptive. You see, we are creators. As such, we are really good at creating without consciously considering. This becomes problematic as we surround ourselves with people, places, and things that reinforce a very specific ‘version’ of ourselves. As we continue to move into a place of completion, it may feel as if things are falling apart. Know that this is a necessary step before putting together a new life.

Where are the areas that you’ve been giving your energy, attention, and time away? It is the relationship that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Is it the job that feels as if it slowly drains all your energy? In bringing closure to these areas in life, you will begin to discover what more you can do, be, and have. As they say, as one door closes another is opened to you.

This week, focus upon the areas in your life that you feel out of sync and not fully in flow. These areas of stagnation requires attention and energy that can be more readily used in a positive manner. Focus upon the positive by bringing to an end these draining areas of life.