Weekly RHYTHM: Liberation

Much like a shower drain clogged with hair, we’ve been standing in the stagnant waters of our emotions for fall too long. As such, we have been living out a certain pattern, repeating certain habits unconsciously. Till now, we have been working on realizing the standing water to unclog the blockage. This means that all sorts of stuff has been coming up and out of us. Like the stuck drainpipe, we’re finding hair, grass, and everything that’s been hidden…until now.

While the first half of 2019 has been tumultuous (to say the least) the month of July transitions into self-mastery. Now that we’ve unclogged the pipe, things are starting to run more freely as we have liberated the drain from all the gunk! For us, we have been clearing A LOT of stagnant emotions - snapshots of our past that are no longer relevant to our present. In being present, we let our true Presence flow again.

Yet how long will the drain remain clear? Well, as long as we’re diligent upon maintaining this flow we are good. In fact, by focusing upon making this our practice we are able to keep ourselves clear. This week, we focus upon the discipline in the practice of our Presence. What do we need to do physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to maintain our personal vitality and energetic flow. Check out the article on Full Body Alchemy later this week for more on this topic!