Know Thyself


Today, many of us have access to endless streams of information stemming from various sources. All this information often leads to the questions, "what is best", and "what is best for me". In the United States, Google, the internet search engine has become the go to source for answering many of our questions. Doing an internet search, then leads to sifting through multiple websites, searching for said answer. This article is not about the right or wrong way to find answers. This article is about a method we can use to find answers that best suits us as an individual.
The proverb "know thyself" is as old as time and has been repeated throughout mankind's history. Why is knowing oneself beneficial? The benefit of knowing oneself is being able to recognize the answers that will serve you the best. In Western culture, health and wellness, as well as spirituality have become marketable goods. With each vendor touting their trade as the "best thing ever". Though, they may be right, knowing if its right for you is what really matters. After all, if a super food makes you ill, then is it really super for you? The idea is to recognize what you as the individual would actually benefit from.

So then how do we go about knowing ourselves? If there was only one way to accomplish this then the gist of this article would be lost. The truth of the matter is that there are many ways to accomplish this. Attention should be given to the objective. What is your goal? If you are seeking to create more harmony in your life through acquiring balance within your body, mind, and/or external relationships, your focus needs to be on yourself. Focusing on yourself can be spending time with the current emotional state you are experiencing and trying to decipher the root cause of such feelings. Understanding our emotions means knowing the root cause of them and their triggers.

This is relevant to our overall health because fatigue, insomnia, endocrine disruptions and mental fog are just a few symptoms that finds its roots within the emotions we carry. Our emotions indicate what energy frequency we are vibrating on. Therefore, to understand who we are in that moment will enable us to
recognize what our needs may be at that time. Thus allowing us to make chooses that are best suited to us as an individual. In the following article, we will discuss health and wellness techniques, and various
herbs and supplements. Therefore, the information will best serve you if you understand what your needs are and what will serve you best.

Candice LeighComment