Weekly RHYTHM: Power Up

Here in Hawai’i, we have lots of storms that pass through. Some bring light showers and winds. Stirring just enough of our weather to disrupt daily life. Others though, bring the thunder! The thing about these storms is that - at any moment - they can power up. People are not so different.

Last week - like the storm - we were stirred. Moving from a place of feeling (perceiving) powerless, we further began to shift into our place of personal power. As this happens, everything begins to change because we, ourselves, have transformed. This week, we go begin to experience growing pains.

As a child, I went through the discomfort of accelerated growth. My legs, in particular, would cramp with shooting, searing pain at night. Yet by the end of those few months/years, I had outgrown many of my classmates by a few inches. Similarly, we go through the pain and discomfort of personal growth as we step further into our power.

For some, this may manifest as strain in a relationship, stress at work, or challenges with our health. How does this relate to our personal growth? Quite simply, we are growing beyond ourselves and into our Self. So the message this week is to get over yourself already!