Weekly RHYTHM: Power


What is your relationship to power? How much do you (and others) value your power? Who do you give your power away to? This week, we explore the answers to these questions thereby developing a deeper, more intimate relationship with our place of personal power. What the heck does that mean?

Each of us have a purpose. When we fulfill our purpose, the dynamic energetic ecology that is the Universe runs smoothly and well. Much like any ecological system - say for example, a forrest - each animal, plant, mineral, etc plays a critical role in the wonderful dance that is life. Consider what would happen if all the wolves, in said forrest, instantly disappeared.

Wolves, as carnivores, hunt and kill other animals. If there were no wolves to hunt the deer, then the deer population would BOOM. Deer, being herbivores, may decimate the plants which would cause extreme erosion. Now eroded, the soil may no longer filter water which could cause shortages. These water shortages would lead to drastic changes in the the water cycle/table, which would lead to absolute. Utter. CHOAS!

Neither you, nor I, want that. Instead, what happens when all the parts and pieces are in place? The interconnected ecological system plays off of each other, creating symphony of energies that work together in the perpetuation of life. We tend to focus SO much upon ourselves that we fail to see our Self. The Self is seeing our place as both the wolf and the system that the wolf runs within. It is our ability to recognize that we are, in fact, part of a larger system of life that requires our participation with the abilities and talents that we are capable of sharing with the world. In fact, by being authentically me I find fulfillment in my actions and am of service to others around me. How wonderful is that? What more could life be like, when I’ve found my place in time and space? This week, take time to consider how fulfilled you are in your life and what more looks like for you.