Intuitive Investigations: The Harried Tale of the Hotel Majestic

“Run away”. Every fiber of my being SCREAMED at me to run as far away from this place as I could. From the feeling of dread that permeated my body, to the eerie silence that pervaded the very fabric of my being - nothing about this place was ‘right’. Indeed, the longer I stood in the darkness of room 407, the more I began to feel out of my league: the more scared I became. Doubt began to creep into my mind: what could I really do here? How could someone like me help? Damn it, was I just going crazy?

It was at this moment that I realized that I was letting fear get the better of me. In recognizing my own fear and reactivity, something shifted. For some reason, there was power in acknowledging this - there was a logic that I could connect and use to my advantage. After taking a brief moment - a short breath - I refocused upon my intention in investigating this haunted room in the historic Hotel Majestic.

As a Consulting Wizard the nature of my work is, suffice to say, unique. This case at the Hotel Majestic was no exception. Quite synchronistically, I found my way to the hotel while planning for a business trip to San Fransisco, California in March 2019. While planning my stay in downtown San Fransisco, my wife - Alysia - had recommended staying at the Hotel Majestic. It was conveniently located near the area, within our price range, and super haunted - as I was about to find out.

Our intuition, you see, is like a heightened antennae that can pick up on subtle signals. While some are attuned for radio waves, others are geared towards WIFI signals (metaphorically speaking). All I mean to say, is that we are all equipped differently. Some are more sensitive to specific frequencies - kinesthetic, psychic, empathic, energetic - than others. . Some are more attuned to their physical body and excel at sports, music, art, trades, etc. Others are more connected to their mental body and are able to access information, concepts, and thoughts. Still others have a stronger link to their emotional body and are able to pick up on the feelings of others around them. Me? I am an energetic which means that I can detect energies just by placing my attention upon something. In this case, it was spiritual entities attached to the Hotel Majestic. Suffice to say, my ‘spider-senses’ were tingling!

In an instant I felt the presence of ‘others’ reaching out from the Hotel Majestic. As I closed my eyes, I could perceive 3 figures: 2 women and one man. One woman - the most visible - was dressed in early 1900’s attire and had a mischievous feel to her. The male figure was dressed in more contemporary clothes, somewhere between his 30s - 40s and generally sad. The final figure, the other female, was hidden within shadow and blurred from my view. Though these figures seemed unrelated, there was a common energy that linked them all…suffering. This emotion flooded throughout my body, weakening me. Blinking my eyes and somewhat staggered, I was caught off-guard. So strong was this sensation that I needed to sit down after briefly viewing these entities, even though I was still roughly 2,300 miles away on Maui. Sitting there at our dinner table, as the feelings of nausea began to pass - I could not have know that this small boutique hotel in San Fransisco was about to transform my life.

Interested in learning more? Stay tuned for the next Intuitive Investigations!