Full Moon - July 2019

The full moon is all about completion. It is bringing to a close something in our lives and - much like the moon itself - is the perfect time to reflect. Each moon cycle carries different energies, and as such, opportunities for us to live, grown, and flourish. What about this full moon in July?


In short, we are liberating ourselves from blockages and realize our greatest potential. Oh…is that all?! Much like a hot air ballon, we have the opportunity to dissolve attachments (think sandbags keeping our balloon stable) to elevate our Mind and move forward more quickly (like the balloon). So how can we best work with this energy and move with the natural FLOW of the Universe? Great question - here is the process in 3 parts:

A. Release

1) 15 mins

- Set a timer and write down ALL the major challenges you have encountered in the last 3 years.

- Once the timer goes off, place your pen down and read through your list.

- Set the timer again for 10 mins free writing about what is the common link between all these challenges.

B. VisionCraft

1. Set your timer for 10 minutes and write about what your life will be like once you release whatever the source of your challenges is. (I.E. if UNWORTHINESS is the common link, then what will your life be like when you believe you are WORTHY).

C. Core Statements

1. Do the Values Assessment Sheet

2. Work on a personal Vision statement

3. Complete your personal Mission statement