Weekly RHYTHM: Mastery

Have you ever been rafting? It is quite the experience, especially since the only way to truly navigate the waters safely is to let go. A mix of training, discipline, and experience - to truly master the waters, you must realize that the waters are master to you.

What the $@#& am I talking about? Why - mastery - of course! This week is all about developing a practice, a discipline. Much like a martial art, musical instruments, and rafting - our Work awaits each of us. For some, it is the work of the healer: supporting people in bypassing their personal narratives and trauma. For others, it is as a warrior: taking a stand for people, places, and ideals. Whatever your Sacred Work is, it tasks us with growing through it. While it may seem nearly impossible for us to accomplish what we know we are here to do, we must endeavor to do and grow with it.

Put differently, if you were to decide to do a marathon in December (mulling it over myself) then now is the time to begin training. It makes no sense to start off your training by running the full 26 miles of a marathon. We want to slowly and steadily condition our bodies, our minds, and spirit for this task. While initially, everything hurts, we get used to it. And only through disciplined training can we safely and effectively complete the full run.

Similarly, we are all tasked with our Sacred Work - our legacy. To jump in and head straight for the finish line is premature. What gets us there is taking our time, working upon towards our aspirations and creating a practice in the discipline of our Self. This week, take time to observe where it is that you are going and ask what tools, abilities, and techniques will best support you in getting there. Through this training you’ll be better able to skillfully live your life of purpose now!