Quantum Wizardry: New Moon Magic in July


Fate whispers to the warrior “You cannot withstand the storm”. The warrior whispered back “I am the storm”.

This new moon is all about activating our greatest potential. What does that mean? Moving beyond the bullshit and into our true Work. You see, lying within each of us - yes, even you reading this - awaits more. For some, more is a matter of love. Attracting into life the perfect companion to share our experiences with. For others, more means transitioning from a career into our true calling. Yet if you haven’t made your move by now, what makes now different?

Think now as a cosmic purge. Much like a hot air balloon, we are cutting ties to that which has weighed us down. Our emotions, our patterns, the personal narrative that we have lived our lives by. Until now. Now is different. Now is all we have. Now is time to embrace the amazingly powerful, exceptionally awesomeness that is the storm that is you!

This New Moon, take time to act with purpose and clarity. Here’s how to navigate this upcoming storm:

  1. Take inventory on your personal well-being: physical(P), mental(M), emotional(E), and spiritual(S).

  2. Attach a value to each quadrant from 1 - 10, 1 being low and 10 being high.

  3. Based upon your results, create intentions to bring better balance to your well-being. 4 intentions for your lowest score, 3 intentions for your second lowest score, 2 intentions for third lowest and 1 intention for your highest score.

  4. In your journal, write out each of these intentions and focus upon realizing them in the next 90 days.