Quantum Wizardry: What the $#!+ is Quantum Wizardry?! (and how do I get started)

In 2014, I was told that I was infertile. For someone who’d always wanted a family of his own - and especially to be a father - this was devastating news.  Looking back at this moment, I am in eternally grateful because this kick started the process of power mode and discovery. You see, often we give our power over to others. Doctors, accountants, personal trainers, carry the brunt of the responsibility that we, ourselves, perceive we cannot bear.  Therein lies the trick. How do we be open to receive specialized advisory, yet still take on the responsibility of making decisions for ourselves. 

In the moment that I received this news that I cannot ‘naturally’ have children of my own, I had a choice to make. Do I place my power in what I was told, or in myself? While a myriad of emotions ran rampant through my mind, deep in my heart I knew my truth. I would be a father! At this pivotal crossroads where voice met ‘chance’ - I chose me! 

What happens when ancient tradition meets modern technology? A renewed form of magical technique and Universal tools are born - Welcome to the world of Quantum Wizardry. 

Quantum Wizardry is the art and science of leveraging Universal Principles to align with personal Will. Said differently, Quantum Wizardry is how we manifest the reality of our dreams, thereby dreaming into our life a new reality. 

In this series, we’ll be investigating the mysteries of the Universe to better connect and comprehend how we can use these laws to enhance our lives. Get your lanterns and staffs ready adapts, because here we go!