Weekly RHYTHM: Revelation

Erosion. The steady degradation of something seemingly solid. What happens how we see and perceive - slowly yet steadily - erodes over time? Moreover, what is revealed when our personal identity wears away?


In the past couple of months, humanity has been subject to strong chaotic energies. Straight manifestation is much like dropping a disk down a slanted slide. The distance between point A and B are pretty clear and are, generally speaking, open. When chaos energy is abound, everything changes. We encounter circumstances that can alter our trajectory in every which way possible. Think of Plinko from the well-known game show, The Price is Right. When the disk is dropped it plops down upon pegs ending up somewhere other than expected.

As such, we have run the gamut - now finding ourselves confronted with hard truths and new opportunities. What has been revealed allows personal revelations to unfold. While the challenges of 2019 may have been profound - during this moon - we are able to turn things around. The question is, what do we do with it now? As we head into this full moon (Sunday 6/16 = 616 = 6+1+6=13=4) making our way to and through the summer solstice (June 21st) we are charged with reassessing what we truly want. Moving from the urging of motivation and into the fires of inspiration, we are more able to create and manifest now that we are clear upon the life we truly wish to live.

Please follow this link to access a great ritual for this Full Moon in Sagittarius.