Weekly RHYTHM: Catalyst

 Have you ever attempted to untie a really taught knot? The harder you attempt to loosen it, the tighter it seems to get. In fact, it seems as if what’s truly required is to lightly tug at its corners and to let IT come undone.

This is where we are right now. Having a made it through the storm of chaos in the last month and a half, we have now turned a corner and are heading into clearer, more intentional waters. So what does that mean for us now? 

It means we cannot force our way through our process. Rather, we must exercise patience and intentionality to truly see our way through to the other side. For some, this is a drastic change in how we choose to live. For others, we have been working towards this end the entire time. 

This week is a great some time to reflect upon the past few weeks and what you have experienced within and around yourself. Where are the similarities, and what ties your experience to what you have experienced from those around you? It is at the cross-section of this very point that lies our greatest opportunity to grow. As we better look within we are more able to learn!