Weekly RHYTHM: Flow


As we continue journeying on our personal paths of realization, we encounter what is known as the Emergence. When we have lived our lives in accordance with certain beliefs, emotions, and patterns of thought, we tend to experience merely a fraction of who we truly are. In moving through these aspects of ourselves throughout the end of 2018, and the beginning of the new year, we are now experiencing more of our Self than ever before. This leads us to FLOW.

Described in the book Stealing Fire by authors Steven Kolter and Jamie Wheal, FLOW is a state of being characterized by:

  • feelings of selflessness

  • feelings of timelessness

  • feelings of effortlessness

  • feelings of richness

This week we begin to reorganize our Minds to move into our Truth.  Put differently, we begin to redirect our time and attention upon things that we are truly inspired by. As we are still getting acquainted with our Self, these moments/opportunities/people tend to find us. Be on the lookout for synchronicities - new opportunities and encounters that could potentially deepen our own relationship with our Self. In doing so, begin to align your time with how you wish to spend your days.


There are 168 hours per 7 days a week. This week, begin to take inventory upon you how ‘spend’ your time, while asking yourself if that is truly how you wish to live your life.