Weekly RHYTHM: Mysteries


From time immemorial, there have always been keepers of secrets - the initiates of the mystery schools. From the shaman of old, to the Eleusinian mystery schools, indeed, the great mystery that is Truth is what we move into this week. Yet, if we have been living in a world of illusion, how can we trust our own eyes? ONLY when we close our ‘perception’ to look beyond our eyes can we truly have Perspective.

This week, spend time in curiosity and explore the depth and breath of what lies within. As we now enter a new stage of our personal process - the Emergence - we will do ourselves a favor by suspending what we think we know, to merely know. By sparking the light of inspiration (last couple of weeks), we have decided to take on a new road and journey. Indeed, this choice has the potential to shift the very fabric of our being. Know that there is more to you than you could ever imagined AND that your true light lies within the deepest, darkest, most mysterious part of YOU.


This week, focus upon being open and allowing things to surface. In fact, walk in wonder, and merely be present in the stillness and silence of meditation. Create at least 20 minutes a day to meditate quietly by yourself. It is in these moments of quiescence that you’ll quiet your conscious mind enough to allow your True Consciousness to speak.