Weekly RHYTHM: Power

We all have a place of personal power known as the Authentic Genius: Our dominant archetypes, intuitive talents, core values, and transferable skills.  When realized, this can be both purposeful and fulfilling. Yet much like a boxed being pulled from storage, how do we even begin to unpack this treasure trove of information, without causing everything else to fall upon our heads? …Slowly and surely.

This week, we begin to explore what this is for each of us. Are you meant to inspire, educate, lead, or all of the above? Carrying over from last week’s openness to explore theme, this week allow your own curiosity to lead you into the depth of your Self. Begin with your inner voice and truly listen to what is being said. 

As your awareness of your Self increases, know that your connection to yourself may decrease. Just remember, this is merely a part of your process.