Weekly RHYTHM: The Dance


I learned to Salsa dance in - of all places - Okinawa. A mix of passion and purpose, salsa is an 8 step movement that is as beautiful to behold as it is to experience. The thing about Salsa is that it’s a balance movement. It requires both partners to be in sync with each other - the confidence and strength of the masculine, the allowing and receptiveness of the feminine. This week, much like salsa, we engage our Selves in the Dance. 

Over the past couple of months, we have experienced some major shifts. Whether it be one of emotion, or that of the mind, we are becoming more of our Self. Our Essence (Spiritual Presence) and our Ego  (Conscious Mind) are now beginning to move with, rather than against each other, in this dance within the Self. As we begin to engage in this movement, we also start our Dance with the Universe itself. Do we follow it’s lead? Are we able to allow ourselves to be guided? 

Pay attention to the push and pulls of life this week, to better learn how best to move within ourselves, and to the beat of the Universe at large. Be clear on your vision to be certain in your purpose. Allow things to unfold and accept circumstances as they are. Know that as you continue to move with these currents of Creation that you learn how to balance and express the totality of your Self.