Weekly RHYTHM: Velocity


What a whirlwind! Having passed through the New Moon last week, - continuing our movement into the Spring Equinox - we are thrust into our ‘reality’ (environment we’ve created to reinforce our personal belief systems). Are you finding that your reality reaffirms who you are becoming? Or are you having to create some shifts in your life to better align your world? 

For some, it means saying goodbye to people in our lives. For others, it can mean trading our jobs for careers, or careers for our callings. Whatever the shifts you are experiencing in your life, we now start to gain some ground in our lives. Much like water freezing into ice, when we are living aligned, things take shape and begin to solidify. When out of alignment, the opposite is true, and everything will continue to fall apart  

Take time this week to assess where you are on this scale. Are things coming together or falling to pieces? Is life building up, or does it feel as if everything is being torn down? As you check in this week, take a moment to decide how you can have a greater degree of readiness for what’s to come. Opportunity will find you, the question really being…are you ready?