Weekly RHYTHM: Foundation


Starting the New Year off right, this week we transition into establishing our foundation for success. Like the foundation of a home, we must focus upon the pillars that we can build upon, allowing us to thrive in 2019: Our Personal Vitality, Authentic Leadership, Aligned Genius, and Mastermind Collective

If these four aspects are the pillars of our foundation, then what is it that we build upon it?  Enter our Legacy Work - the truest expression of our Self.  Our contribution to Creation itself. 

This week, we ready ourselves for the work ahead.  By establishing context with the energies of the new moon for 2019, we are better able to focus our attention on the realization of our legacy work by first and foremost actualizing the pillars of our foundation.

QUEST: VisionCraft

  • Using your 3 words of Context (please see IG post below) distill your aspirations of 2019 to a single word.

  • Next download a song (3 - 5 minutes long) that enlivens your spirit.

  • Finally, download images that positively reinforce your intentions for the new year and place them into a vision board format.