The Quantum Body: the Elements

The Quantum Body: the Elements


A cornerstone of the QB technique is merging tradition with technology to produce a technique like no other. Using the elements as inspiration, here are the major movements & patterns we’ll use in our workouts:

Water - tied to the fluidity of movement, water replenishes the body through the inter connectivity of our fascia.

*Flexibility, fascia release, yoga

Wind - In breath. Out. The element of wind focuses upon working with air and its movement through the cardiovascular system.

*Cardiovascular exercise, breathing techniques

Earth - Like the base of the oak, solidarity in form is compromised of a solid musculoskeletal system.

*Core stabilization, functional movements, muscular strengthening

Fire - Invigorating the metabolic system, these movements work towards peak performance of the human body.

*Nutrition, power lifting, speed, high intensity training

Ether - our physical body is merely an extension of our mind. Train your nervous system to realize your truest potential. *Meditation, visualization, energy work

The Quantum Body: Aether

The Quantum Body: Aether

Weekly RHYTHM: Forward

Weekly RHYTHM: Forward