Weekly RHYTHM: Forward


Are you living your life in accordance with the patterns of your past, or the potentiality of your future? Why is this important to answer? Both of these scenarios will determine how present we are in our Presence. Our Ego is tied to our experiences and a specific perception of what is. This can keep us stuck in life as our Egos attempt to prove ourselves right. Our Essence, on the other hand, knows better. That we are infinite beings of Power, Grace, Intelligence, and Love 

For the past few months, we have been moving between these versions of our ourself. This week - in particular - we move FORWARD into the version that we choose to live in.

Make no mistake, this is no small decision. The person we focus our attention upon - from this week on (notice the full moon energy today) - will reflect our true intention and determine how we live for the coming years. You see, right now is incredibly ambivalent, with tremendous energy in circulation. Think of it like playing with legos. Say all that we have are 10 pieces of lego toys. We could probably build a simple house or car. Now consider what we could create with 100 pieces. How about a 1,000? This is similar to where we stand now.

With infinite opportunities ahead, we have the capacity to consciously choose a life of fulfillment, purpose, wealth, and contribution…or not.

This week revisit your 10 year vision for yourself. 10 years from now:

  • Where will you be?

  • Who will you be with?

  • What will you be doing?

  • Who will you have become?

The kicker is to live this vision for yourself as much as you possibly can, from where you are currently at.