Deep. Emotional. In the last couple of months we have been down in the depths of our feelings and sensations. Now, at the cusp of a new year, we are presented with the choice-to spiral up and out, or down into the ground. Much like a rocket jetting it’s way into space, we have the capacity to elevate into a cosmic experience or return to our terrestrial lives as we have always known them. 

The wisdom that we have created in our emotional experiences, clarify what it is that we want in our lives. More importantly, it has brought into our attention how worthy we feel we are to receive these blessings.  Moreover, to our actions come from a place of fear or from love? With this knowing this now in our pocket, we have a choice to make. From this moment on do I choose to wander or move into wonder? 

This week focus upon recognizing the wisdom of the emotions that you have been experiencing up until now. Use this wisdom to create value by asking yourself how the emotions you have been experiencing have colored the lenses of your perception. For example, if you’ve been experiencing a feeling of loneliness over the holiday season, ask yourself how this sensation has affected you and how you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a loner, disconnected from others, destined to be on your own?

If so, it is only as true as you make it. And since you have a choice (aka free will), why not choose something different? If lonilenss has been your ‘reality’ then it is time to shift into belongingness. If scarcity has how you’ve lived, let’s give abundance a go. Whatever dominant, low vibe emotions you’ve been dealing with (pick your top 3) then focus on their opposites in 2019.

For me, my words of challenge for 2018 are: scarcity, stagnation, distrust. My context for 2019? PROSPERITY, FLOW, FAITH

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