Weekly RHYTHM: Revolution


To strengthen and fortify the integrity of our ever evolving field of consciousness…Indeed, this is the purpose of the emotional happenings of the past 3 weeks. We are encountering the exact circumstances that will challenge how we see ourselves, while allowing this perception of self to shift and expand. 

Much like cross-training for an athletic event, we have the opportunity to grow - from these experiences - into our ideal selves. Part of the challenge is that we are currently oscillating between 2 versions of us: who we have created ourselves to be AND who we are becoming. As such, we can experience slight disorientation and confusion. 

This week, in the depths of our darkness, we will experience a spark of Light (Inspiration). If we are truly training for an event, then it would be helpful to have an inkling of WHAT this event is. We begin to experience clarity this week on what it is that we are moving into, and how to do so. Remain aware of opportunities as they present themselves this week, and how it may be disguised as something else. 


Disruption. Discomfort. Destruction. While these words are typically associated with negative happenings, from this week on, these will be your clues of your movement in the right direction
Anything that disrupts, awakens us to a blindspot within. That which creates discomfort, challenges our ego-ic state of mind.

Finally, what appears destructive, merely is the precursor to our personal creation. This week, journal about these 3 areas, and where you are experiencing them in your life now.