FORECAST: 9/17 - 23


Numerology: 4

Vibration: Organization

Card: 8 of Pentacles (Gain)

Theme: Building Anew



What a year it has been! As we now transition into the life we are being led into, our place is to build our lives anew. Yet what does this mean?

For each of us, we've been going through a transition in our lives - moving from life as we have lived it, into what it is now becoming. For many of us, this means bringing our inner world into the world outside of us.

Now is your time to build exactly what this means. Place yourself first. Allow the overflow of fulfillment to water the fertile soils of those around. To that end, it is time to consciously craft your life.


Activity: Schedule

There are 168 hours per 7 days within a week. Do you spend your week proactively living in accordance with what inspires you? Or do you react to the world around you and take others' priorities on as your own. This week let's work on creating a schedule that rocks!


At the top of a blank sheet of paper write the total number of hours (168) for the week.

1. Subtract the amount of time (per week), that you sleep.

  1. Next subtract the total amount of time that you work (or that you dedicate to work) per week
  2. Take this number, and subtract another 15 hours for meals, showering, bathroom, etc.
  3. Now a blank sheet of paper write down four categories or aspects of yourself: Me, Family, Friends, Work.
  4. Time to decide how much time you will allot for each category.
  5. First account for how much time you spend at work.
  6. Next allot Me time specifying how much time per week you will commit to you.
  7. Next go to the category where you wish to spend the most amount of time, family or friends. Allot how much time you will spend on your week here.
  8. Next focus upon the other category and allot how much time you will spend on your week here.
  9. Once you've decided upon the amount of hours for each category, then schedule your calendar Monday - Saturday using your priorities as your guide.
Michael Keolamau TenganComment