FORECAST: 8/20 - 26


Numerology: 9

Tarot: Strength

Card: King of Swords

Geomancy: Fortunate minor

Vibration: Movement

Theme: the Kingdom


Everything has led to this moment. The pain and prosperity. The love that you've held, the fear that you've felt. Everything has brought you to this specific point in space and time to allow the opportunity to Consicously move in a direction - the direction of Self.

With the energy of the new moon AND the solar eclipse, this is going to be a pivotal week. Virgo rules this moon and as such calls you to open yourself to the wisdom, strength, and purity of the maiden. This means to allow the intuitive aspect of your greater intelligence to be your guide. What communication have you been receiving recently? What does your 'gut' tell you now? Be aware of the shadow of yourself that has made itself known recently as this is your prime opportunity to learn.

As we connect with that which eclipses our light, dims our illumination, we must also look to our own inner light. What is it that we have been keeping hidden from the world, from the Universe itself? Redirect your attention to this, following your inner guidance, back to where you are meant to be - where your true light shines it's strongest.

This is your kingdom. This is where you are meant to be, to act, and to be present in your life now.


Be still during this eclipse. Allow yourself to sit in silence and merely listen to yourself for at least 5 minutes. Once you have been still, ask yourself what is it in your highest best interest to be doing for yourself in your life now. Allow any sensations and imagery to flow through in communication to direct your intention.