FORECAST: 8/13 - 8/19


Numerology: 4

Card: the Star

Vibration: hope

Theme: Darkened Dreams



This week, we find the Masculine and the Feminine come to ahead.

This means a few things, first, that we find ourselves in darkness. When I say darkness, what I mean to say is the state of ignorance by being blinded by our biases. This is the work of the illusionist, or those who would have us believe in the fallacy of their misdirection. Look for large scale news offering more divisiveness within our communities.

This is where we indeed find our light. That light, or illumination, can only beheld amidst all that is dark. What this means is that those around you will be caught up in the energy at hand. And that as they do, the opportunity that you have is to be a beacon of light and enlightenment within your own life. Listen to your heart. Open your mind. And allow all else to flow by. It is within ourselves that we find solace, wisdom, and truth.



Take five minutes every day, close your eyes and go with him. Allow yourself to ground by bringing focus upon your five senses with your eyes closed. Listen to what you hear. Experience that what she may touch. Allow all senses to be immersed in this experience, enabling you to be in a better state of silence.