Forecast: 7/08 - 7/15


Theme: Transformative Action

Card: Wheel of Fortune

Vibration: Shift



We have turned a corner. The first half of 2017 has been about the recalibration of ourself to our Self. The second half of this year will be about, however, will be aligning with our Great Work, our Magnum Opus.

This week, in particular, is about taking a decisive step in the direction of our Great Work. With last night's full moon in Capricorn, we are asked to take a leap of faith in our inner guidance and our process of becoming. What is it that you know you've been guided to do, however, have not taken action upon. Where in your life do you know that it is time to move, yet you have refused to do so.

It is time. Time to move with the currents of Creation, to take action upon that which excites and scares you. In doing so, you will hasten your process to take advantage of the currents of the Universe and toward where you are being directed.



Write down and commit to take massive action on your goals. Focus upon 3 goals that will move you into your transformation.