A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Yet we tend to live our lives via the conscious aspects of ourselves, meaning that we (on average) only engage a maximum of 10% of our minds.  Don't get me wrong, the conscious mind is a powerful tool in operating upon the world. It is capable of learning, logical thought, processing the world of the 5 senses. However, the magic within each of us truly lies within the remaining 90% - the subconscious mind. 

How then, do we tap into the depth of our Essence when we tend to be stuck in our Ego? Great question! While being merely a foot and a half apart (at least for me) the journey from our head to our heart could be the longest distance that any of us traverse. And yet, much like any quest, there is treasure awaiting us. This treasure is more value than gold, jewels, and coins. It is indeed more value that we can full fathom, and as such, has a very real cost. What awaits us within our heart is our personal truth, our inner wisdom, the Essence of who we are. To cross this bridge we must be willing to pay the piper - to release our Ego's hold upon our lives and move into the new and wondrous space of our beliefs, values, and emotions. 

The journey is worth it. The thing about living in our heads is that we create entire scenarios and opinions based, not upon fact, but upon our interpretation. You see, we create meaning in the experiences of our lives. And often, these events of everyday become emotional anchors without our knowing. We get stuck in a fantasy of our own mind - playing out a narrative that we did not even know we authored. And yet, when we move into our heart and, in effect, open communication with our Soul, we live a life of fulfillment and purpose. Then, and only then, can we enter into a space and the place of limitless opportunity and potentialities.