FORECAST: 7/16 - 7/22 ​

Card: 4 of Swords

Vibration: Quiescence

Theme: Entering Silence, Go with theFlow


The last few weeks have been charged with deep and heavy emotions. This was the purposeful. To drum up stagnant emotions that we can neglect, rather, that we ignore.

Now being stirred, we are aware of the things that hinder progress and movement in our path. This week is a week of respite. This week, we will enter into the state of stillness and silence. This allows us the opportunity to go further inward without tumultuous feelings and sensations that have riddle us the past few weeks.

The opportunity, is to create value from these experiences and to cleanse with emotions from being. To accomplish that requires us to be fully connected to the source of the emotions that we've been dealing with. To accomplish this requires us to facilitate a conversation with our Selves, to make a decision on how we want to be, creating congruent action in our lives now. It is time to move with the flow rather than against it. It is time to heed the calls of our inner guidance. It is time to realize the truth of who we each are and live it, now.



Every night before you go to sleep quietly, within your mind and heart, ask yourself "What is the life I am meant to live"

three times. Lower yourself to drift off of this number, delegating to the subconscious mind the task of answering this question. When you wake up right down anything that has come in your dreams, during the daytime be aware of where your mind wanders too, LOL anything and everything to unfold for you. Everything has meaning, remain in the mindful state to allow that meaning to come to and through you.