Case #24

My hands trembled. I could feel a surge of energy emerging from a depth of darkness not experienced before in physical reality. "Shit. Here we go" is all I could think of as I began the process of extracting a demonic entity from the man in front of me. 

We all have them - attachments that find their way into our fields of consciousness via emotionally disruptive experiences in our travels through space and time. This particular person had encountered this presence in the late 1800s and it had been with him since. 

Usually, in these removals, the energies are relatively minor. They make their presence known by affecting the individual in relationship to the emotion that first attracted them in. I saw attracted because like does attract like, in this case. If a person is dealing with feelings of shame then a shameful entity will find its way into his or her field. If someone is dealing with jealousy, then the like finds their way in. In this case, anger was the anchor which cemented this attachment within my client's field. 

As the deep trance lamp began to flash, I opened the ritual circle to hold the presence in status and began playing the Divine harmonics of my alchemic crystal bowls. Between the frequency of light and the vibration of sound, the presence emerged caught within the circle itself. Yet so deeply entangled was this presence that when my client returned to his normal state of consciousness, his mind had reset. In removing this entity, his mind needed to go through a process of disruption and become disorganized to rebirth itself from the start. 

He truly was reborn - his mind reclaimed, and his Soul liberated from a consciousness that had colored his perception for far too long. What a gift to give as precious as the one received. Life, everlasting.