Weekly Forecast: 6/25 - 7/1


Card: High Priestess

Vibration: Illumination

Sitting gracefully between the pillars of creation, the Divine Feminine knows all. Seeped in mystery and magic, (second week of integration) in the vibration of illumination. Yet what does it mean to be illuminated? Is it the same as enlightened? Moreover how does this state of being allow us to connect further to the depths of our Self - deepening my relationship with inner guidance and intuition?

These are great questions to contemplate as we now work on anchoring and integrating all aspects of our Self. This week, specifically, focus upon inner communication with your subconscious mind. To be illuminated is a step toward our personal enlightenment. It is the state of being both the participant and observer in our own lives. To see the dimensions of our experiences in space and time, enriching the sensation of our beingness.

Activity: Journal every day this week spent at least 10 minutes in writing. Focus your attention on personal experience of illumination right about any experiences, messages,. Write a story, or message