The Magic in the Mundane


What is it about every day life that makes us believe it is devoid of spirituality? If, everything is an expression of Source, then is not every moment spiritual? When looking at the etymology of the word 'spirituality' we see that it represents the 'vital or animating principle of life'.  As such, there exists in every moment another moment - meanings with in meanings that are simultaneously spiritual and physical.

Yet how are we able to view the magic in the mundane, when all too often we are inundated by the experiences of being human? Indeed, it is the thoughts and emotions unchecked that often lead to living unconsciously then consciously. 

This past weekend, I was having a conversation with a young lady discussing this very topic. While she, a practitioner in her own right, has been seeking answers from a mentor outside of herself. Yet contained within herself is all the wisdom she had sought. In fact, our discussion then led to the representation of our dialogue - the masculine & feminine aspect of self and how this moment represented coming to consensus with in our own minds. How beautiful a moment, physical and spiritual! 

Remain aware and mind where your mind goes - in doing so you will see the true beauty and wisdom of each moment. The Divine truly does reveal itself in each and every moment.