Meet Wolf the cat. He'a been our main coon (breed of cat), who acts very much like a dog. He comes when he's called, he's able to do tricks, he's affectionate and playful, and likes to run with the pack parentheses (my mom's two of the dogs) . Truly he is one-of-a-kind. 

Are we not, the sum total of our beliefs - that which we believe ourselves to be? I believe this to be a partial truth. If Wolf grew up thinking himself a cat, because he had spent most of his life around other cats then this would certainly be his truth as he knew it. However, in spending time with other cat, what if Wolf felt a compilation, a subtle impulse to be and do things that cats normally would not do. What if, there were an innate program that guided him to be different? If not through a nuturing property then it must come through a natural one.  

This brings to mind the importance of listening to our inuition, that inner guidance. Most of us have, like Wolf, grown up in a circumstance where we look like those around us. And yet, we are all different. The biggest mistake we can make is thinking that we are merely the culmination of our current beliefs. Because just beyond what we know is where our Truth lies.