RITUAL: Full Moon - January 2018

You are meant for more - great things that you cannot quite fathom yet. To grow into this requires moving into a new space - a place where your divinity and humanity meet. Through the fires of transformation, 2017 was a year of growth and development.

We have forgotten our birthright. The capacity that each and everyone of us has to write our own story. Thus far, the narrative has been written based upon the experiences that we've had in our lives. Your Personal Prophecy is different. It is the culmination of your life experiences, the skills and talents you currently possess, and the specific coding you were born into - the innate gifts and talents of your spiritual self. This ritual will support in bringing into your conscious awareness, the deep rooted potential you hold within your astral or emotional being.

Date: January 1, 2018


  1. Gather your tools for the ritual:
  • glass of water, journal, pen, small white candle, matches/lighter, incense or oil of choice
  1. Identify a space where you will perform your ritual
  2. Cleanse your space in whatever way is most appropriate for you
  3. Place your objects of power (water, journal, pen, candle, incense/oil) upon an altar in the middle of your sacred space
  4. Sit quietly and focus you attention upon breath
  5. When you feel ready, light the candle stating "I, (name), open this ritual with the intention of connecting fully to my Self."
  6. Light the incense AND/OR diffuse your oils of choice stating "I (name) honor the energies of the Earth with this offering"
  7. Close your eyes, and focus upon breathing deeply into your chest
  8. With each breath, feel energy growing within your heart center as you open your mind to your heart
  9. Quietly ask your heart "In my highest, best interest - what wisdom do you offer me now? How can I grow more into my Self?"
  10. Allow sensations, imagery, and the experience to unfold
  11. Once you feel as if the experience has come to an end, open your eyes
  12. Open the journal in front of you and begin writing down your response to the experience
  13. Hold the glass of water to your heart center
  14. Close your eyes
  15. Based upon what your heart communicated to you, focus upon what it is that you wish to create in the new year feeling the experience within your emotions and feelings
  16. Once completed state "I (name) bring new life, opportunities, and experiences into my Self and life"
  17. Drink all of the water in the glass
  18. Take a moment to sit in silence before stating "It is done" then blow out the candle to complete the ritual