What is your relationship with the unseen? For many, the answer is 'nonexistent'. We live in a society so focused upon what we can see, smell, taste and touch that we fail to realize how much we actually miss in our perception. Indeed, the senses we operate on the world with are ill-equipped to process the multitude of information that we unconsciously assimilate within a given nano-second, let alone the entirety of our lives. 

So what does this mean for all that occurs beyond the scope of the visible? To answer this, we must look outside ourselves. Specifically, we must look outside our culture. For example, Japan is a highly technological society that continues to hold tradition, and the relationship with the invisible, sacred. Whether it be to honor the ancestors during their 'return', or to go to the nearby temple for protection charms and talisman, Japanese society cultivates a relationship with the unseen on a daily basis. 

From this perspective, Hawaiian culture was much the same. The basic concept being that there are forces beyond our comprehension that operate within and without ourselves. These intelligences are ever present, and are open to communication with us if we recognize, acknowledge, and desire a relationship with them. While this kind of talk warrants a trip to the psychologist in western culture, it is something is recognized as an integral aspect of Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultures today. 

As we continue our individual and collective journeys through space and time, I challenge you look at fostering a relationship with the invisible. Whether you identify it as nature, God, or you aumakua - there is a great intelligence that exists, every present, and ready to support you whenever needed. In doing so will find more than you could imagine possible!