Secrets of the Stones - Amazonite


Aptly named after the majestic South American river, amazonite brings refreshing energies as well depth of integrity to its holder. Amazonite calms the currents of any field it enters, allowing people or places to quell tumultuous energies. This means that it can bring you peace to your anger, harmony to your hatred, all while calming your mind and your heart. 

Yet the Amazon is also bold and powerful. This stone holds this energy as well, bringing courage and truth to its holder. If you are having difficulty expressing your truth and upholding your integrity, keep this crystal close as it will support you in being able to assert yourself in your life. Merely hold the stone in your left hand to calm yourself, and in your right when you wish for support in expressing yourself. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or strength of heart this stone is for you!  

Michael Keolamau TenganComment