What happens when our Darkness covers our Light? What is realized in these moments and what can we learn about our Self? That is the question that eclipses brings to mind. Yesterday, although viewed by few, we globally experienced a solar eclipse. This energy brought forth to the world, aspects of ourselves that we often shutter to think about. In fact, we tend to ignore our shadow in focusing upon our Light. The thing is, it is only in our Darkness that our True Light is revealed! 

Our son is the perfect example. He is a beautiful child who is happy, compassionate, loving, generous. While all this is true, he can also be angry, irritated, and sometimes violent (well, more like he has NO idea how strong he is so he powerfully plays with reckless abandonment!) Anyway, it is when these latter traits arise that communicate truly begins. You see, he goes to anger when we is frustrated. He shows irritation when his communication is not heard. He expresses violence when he is having fun and playing. Each and every expression says something about him that he is communicating. Unless we acknowledge and respond to this, these expression magnify. Is this not true of all of us? When our shadow expresses itself, is it not merely communication within ourselves? When we go to a place of anger, fear, shame, is it not only a way that we are showing an aspect of ourselves that wishes to be acknowledged? While the eclipse has, it's energy lingers. So remain mindful of your shadow as it works to express itself in your everyday life. Tantrums aside, it will be worthwhile!