We strive for harmony. We endeavor to achieve this ideal state of balance and equilibrium in our lives. Yet we find, on our path, that we encounter more chaos than order. We find within and without ourselves, circumstances and conditions that challenge us on the most fundamental levels. Otherwise, we find ourselves so bored with life that we seek something, anything, to disrupt the monotony. How is it that on our journey towards harmony we find so much chaos?  

Simple. Our concept of harmony is wrong. How's that for a disruption?! Let's look at the natural world. Think about the last time you went hiking. Remember the scenery as you were in the mountains or hills? Can you feel the sensation of peace that you felt with your initial glance? We often confuse our connection to nature with feelings of harmony and balance. The thing is, if we look at the natural world over a longer period of time, then we see that it is our perception, not reality, that makes nature seem balanced.  

The design of the natural world is terrific! A system of checks and balances, when something gets off kilter in nature, it is corrected, albeit not in the way we of the world of instant gratification believe it 'should' be. Hell, it may not even be what we believe balance actually is. However, nature knows best, and figures out what is needed to correct all of the systems.  

This part is key. As human beings, we view our world and our lives from what we can process and perceive. Suffice to say we are short sighted. Nature is a number of interdependent systems, all working together for the greater good. Think about it in terms of your body. If your digestive system did not take into account the needs of your muscular system (i.e. your body didn't provide the amount of calories your muscles needed) than what do you think would happen? The same thing with people and the places we live in. How often have you considered what the land you live upon requires to thrive?  

Back on task, the thing about harmony is that it is far from harmonious. From forest fires to floods, from droughts to monsoons, these forces exist to balance things out. From the fires of old growth come a new forest. From the hurricane comes renewal through work and effort. From the chaos of your life comes a deeper comprehension of who you are, and a new direction to pursue in life. Remember all this as you encounter the hardships and pains of life:  this aspect of yourself must be weathered so that the storm can reveal the truth of who you are. And in this you will find harmony.